Living with art is a constant source of joy

Explore an eclectic and quirky mix from pictures, cards and wall hangings to handmade practical objects. Here are some I made earlier:

  • IMAGE (See the world through my eyes): paintings and cards

Every image tells a personal story. They reflect the spiritual dimension of life and celebrate the magic, beauty and harmony of the physical world.

on-roof-garden   The-purpose-of-life-is-joy   Oriental-birds   Dawn-waking-up-to-herself  


  • ARTWEAVE (Weaving magic into everyday life): wall hangings and textile panels

Hand-woven abstract pictures, often done to commission, using textiles, buttons and beads to reflect a person’s ’inner portrait’, a feeling or concept.

bwg-close-up   duo-detail   hot-day   lucy-detail    


  • HOMEWARES (Make your home unique): cushions, throws, rugs, play mats

Choose to reuse – a range of one-off individual pieces giving reclaimed materials new life

sofa-throw-with-cusions  silk-rug-and-cushion  play-mat-detail  quilted-bedspread-with-cush


  • ACCESSORIES (What shall you wear today): bags, scarves and jewellery

One-off practical objects for personal use

child's-lilach-pink-scarf  shawl  stripes-bag  child's-blue-tail-scarf


  • COMMISSIONS (especially for you): co-create art to reflect who you are

This is your opportunity to have something made especially for you. It is where you get to realise your dreams. It is where your ideas come together with my skills and insights to create a unique piece of art which is totally individual – just like you!


“Thank you so much for the absolutely gorgeous tapestry. The more I look at it the more I see. And everyone I have shown it to loves it also. Definitely captures the Quirky spirit  “ (Zoë Dawes The Quirky Traveller)


Monica told me: “I love it! My clients love it! Wouldn’t be without it!”
And wrote: “… the colours and different textures create for me a real sense of calm and I get a great pleasure glancing at it whilst working or simply just enjoying the fun of it!…”


The largest piece to date was made for an anniversary exhibition and titled “CELEBRATION”, was subsequently bought by Dr Helen Ford whose approach to health is to celebrate life. She uses her ArtWeave as a focus for meditation every morning.


When Sheila saw her jewel-like ArtWweave she said: “I’d like to wear it!”