Expanding awareness and flowing with ease

As a holistic practitioner my aim is to facilitate a shift into a more expansive state of being in the world.
I work intuitively and integrate a number of healing modalities as needed.
I am a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique – which underpins all my work – with extensive experience
working on teacher-training courses and with individual clients.

Celebrating creativity and beauty in daily life

As an artist I produce a range of colourful, inspiring one-off pieces from my studio/shop in Kendal’s ‘Artist’s Quarter’.
My work is mostly about a playful feast of colour, texture and pattern.
It’s also about personal meaning and transformation.

I studied Art & Design, specialising in Constructed Textile and have been exhibiting
and selling my creations for over thirty years in UK and abroad.
I’m passionate about fulfilling potential, creating beautiful, practical objects, and communicating the essence
of the sensual experience called Life

Zohar Hartley